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About us

From humble beginnings in a small former gas station, Lancaster’s BBQ was born in Race City, USA (otherwise known as Mooresville, NC). The year was 1986 and our slow-smoked, real eastern NC BBQ and race memorabilia quickly became legendary.

Owners Jeff and Terry Lancaster's philosophy of never compromising quality and always offering friendly service in a fun, relaxed environment proved successful from the start.

Lancaster's BBQ quickly developed a reputation for a family-fun atmosphere, professional service, and melt-in-your-mouth BBQ. Our eastern NC-style BBQ has fed countless families, sports legends, and other famous patrons for nearly three decades.

In 2006, Lancaster’s branched out of Mooresville and added a second location down the road in Huntersville. Patrons there have also come to enjoy our favorite southern specials while feeling right at home. Our Mooresville location is also home to the Hawg Trawgh, Lancaster’s own friendly bar and covered patio for parties, connected to the main restaurant.

Now with two thriving locations and a successful catering business, Lancaster’s is still committed to delivering nothing but the best to each and every diner. Come give us a try!

Lancaster's Timeline

1986 Fresh out of the military and looking for something constructive and challenging to do, Jeff Lancaster partnered with Joe Pheiffer, a long-time employee of his father’s. The pair opened "Joe’s Old Fashion Bar-B-Que" in Mooresville in a former gas station.

1987 Jeff amicably buys out Joe and the name is changed to "Lancaster’s Bar-B-Que".

1992 Jeff and his wife, Terry, relocate the restaurant to a larger location on Rinehardt Road in Mooresville.

1998 Lancaster’s completes a large addition to the restaurant, including adding the famous bus and expanding the game room.

1999 Build it and they will come. Jeff and Terry wanted a fun meeting spot for friends who shared his enthusiasm for motorcycles that wouldn’t interfere with families enjoying a meal in the main dining area. Hawg Trawgh opens.

2005 Jeff and Terry open "Jeffrey’s Restaurant" in Mooresville. While a completely different concept than Lancaster’s Bar-B-Que, Jeffrey’s is founded on the same principles of quality food and great service.

2006 Jeff and Terry open a second Lancaster location. Located on Beatties Ford Road in the Long Creek areas of Huntersville, the restaurant takes over the historic Puckett’s Gas Station & General Store.

2014 The Huntersville location receives a facelift, adds craft beers, and takes on a more local motif with the help of its dedicated staff. Without a team effort, Lancaster's BBQ wouldn't be possible.